We Are The Abrahams




Hey there, we are Alex & Emilee & we are the Abrahams!

We launched our business in April 2014 kind of by accident. We were asked to shoot a friend’s wedding video and though we accepted, we made it clear we had no idea what we were doing. One thing led to another and that year we booked 6 weddings! From there our business & style has only gone up! With more experience came more confidence & more passion! We love to use our photography as a way to share peoples journeys. Every story is one that is worth sharing-- both the beautiful & the messy. We love connecting with our clients on a personal level. We want to shoot your wedding as a friend who you trust—not as a photographer whom you just met. Let’s sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee together & talk! Our desire is that our clients would turn into friends that we get to continue to do life with.  We hope our work & lives will inspire you to dream big & live a full life!

One of our favorite things to do is to experience new countries & cultures! Our favorite place in the world is Nepal—a tiny country landlocked between China & India. The views are beautiful but the people are even better. This last July we welcomed our first born, Emerson Grace, into our family! We never knew our life was missing something until she came along. She truly makes our life fuller than we ever knew was possible! Now that we are a family of three we cannot wait to see all the adventures life has for us! 

There are three stages to every great work of god;
first it is impossible,
then it is difficult,
then it is done.